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Trainer recommended
"As owner/trainer at Stride For Stride in Dundalk, ON, I have been using Comfort Gut on my own horses and client's horses for about a year now with great results! I currently have 8 horses in the barn using Comfort Gut including my 21 year old Appendix Quarter Horse gelding who was having bouts of gas colic and losing condition and weight and had become listless. within a couple of weeks on Comfort Gut he was back to his old pushy self and gaining weight and top line. A client's hunter mare has also been on Comfort Gut for several months and we find she is less sassy and moody. I've just started using it on a new client's mare who is apicky eater due to gut issues - she is now eating extremely well. I would highly recommend Comfort Gut to anyone who has a horse that has gut issues, unsettled behavior, or poor weight gain" Rachel Parker
Has made a world of difference
"Comfort Gut has made a world of difference for sinker. Mom and I have both noticed that he's less bloated through the barrel and that he's starting to get some muscle along his crest and through his back. We had an amazing jump school today. He's not fighting the way he was and he's just so happy on the ground and under saddle. I can't thank you enough for the recommendation. I'm really excited to see how he progresses the next few weeks. I'm incredibly happy with the product - we couldn't be happier with how everything is working out!!" Megan Barker
Amazing on this
our mare is amazing on this ... she was tender n girthy n biting, so glad we found out about this ... for goodness sake dont run out coz u will soon find out how good it actually does work!! we highly recommend it, thank god for comfort gut Cathy Battersby
So impressed
"So impressed. One of my horses has been on medication from the vets for scouring badly and having a sore tummy, despite being ten times the price and dosage rate I never noticed a huge difference. Three days of using comfort gut at just the maintenance dose he has almost totally firm poo for the first time!! So thank you Comfort Gut for making my boy happy again" Courtney Booth
doing fantastic
My mare suffered bouts of colic, been on comfort gut for over a year and doing fantastic
Definitely seen a difference
" My sister has been adding comfort gut to my pony's feed for the past few weeks, I've definitely seen a difference in his bloating " Nicola Brittle

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